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PM-Dhwani is a wholly owned concern of PM-Pulse. PM-Pulse is a Global Registered Education Provider of PMI, USA.

PM-Pulse always seeks to create unique solutions and services in the field of Project Management. PM -Dhwani is one such initiative.

We are aware that the commuting time for the professionals the world over has increased a lot. With an average commute time of 45 minutes, one way, a lot of time gets wasted in the process of commuting and this means even less time for studies. What if there were some amazing audios that you could just listen to while commuting that would help you refresh your knowledge on Project Management and other Project Management related subjects or even PMP Exams.

PM-Dhwani has provided just that.

PM-Dhwani is a platform for Audios on various Project Management Subjects and Certifications that could help you utilize your travel time or any idle time, to move closer to your dream certification and knowledge with the least amount of extra effort.

The word "Dhwani" is a Sanskrit word which means "Celestial Sounds". Hence PM-Dhwani is the Celestial Sounds for Project Management as the audios here have been specifically been recorded for this purpose (unlike the various audios in this market space which are nothing but recording of classroom lectures) and in such a way as to gain your confidence and to help you retain knowledge.

All the audios have been made smaller in size so that its easy for anyone to search and reach the specific topic easily.

There is a section of Free audios on this site as well and do visit there often to listen to interesting and free audios on various aspects of Project Management.

Do join us... and we know you will not be disappointed. And after you go through it do drop your comments and feedback in the "Contact Us" section.