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The term “Dhwani” is a Sanskrit word meaning “Celestial Sounds”, hence at PM-Dhwani we have the celestial sounds of Project Management. This site contains audios for project management topics. There are Free Audios and there are Audios that you pay for. All Audios are created in very simple and interesting style and kept in smaller sizes for you to easily search and listen to the specific audios. As time passes we would load more and more subjects here.

You may wonder “Why Audios?”. Well with average travel time to office being 45 minutes one could use this time to learn new subjects are even prepare for project management certifications. These audios save time and yes they are easy on your wallet as well. You could also listen to these audios while working if you so please.

Each and every topic is very well researched and clearly recorded for you to hear them clearly and listen to them again and again without finding it boring.

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PMP Flash Cards - To ACE PMP Exams

$12 /  for 45 Days

/- 45 Days
While you may know everything there is to know when it comes to PMP, but can you recall them fast. The PMP Exams is only for 230 minutes. Your ability to recall the important definitions, important concepts, important models and tools & techniques at a moment’s notice as well as your ability to understand exactly what the scenario question is talking about, is what is going to make the difference between passing the exams or otherwise. Flash Cards provide the perfect mechanism to recall everything important and often repeated in the exams, without mugging them up. These PMP Flash Cards on Audios is one of the most powerful way to ensure that you are able to recall everything important in PMP Exams without mugging up anything. See more details.
You have done your PMP Training, You have applied for the exams and you have even scheduled you exams. And now you need to clear the exams. You need resources that would quickly provide “JUST THE PMP NOTES” to help you recall all the important concepts instantaneously and accurately.
Welcome to “PMP In A Nutshell”. Based on PMBOK Guide 6th and 7thEdition + the ECO for PMP as well as other suggested standards and references by PMI, these are just the nutshell-notes that you would need to attempt the exams with total confidence and speed.
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Most of the project managers do not even know that they are committing serious mistakes and then wonder why the results are not what they were hoping for. Project Management is a dynamic and challenging field. There are thousands of resources that explain project management, however there is no resource whatsoever that delves into the common mistakes that project managers make, around the world, and how to overcome them. These Audio series are there to fill just that gap. These audio series look at the most common 101 mistakes that project managers make. They go on to explain why something is a mistake and exactly how to prevent committing such mistakes. Great resource, not only for project managers, new or matured, but also for senior management as well as those who wish to get started in the world of project management. Irrespective of which domain or industry you are from, if you are connected to project management, this resource is for you.

Master The INPUTs And OUTPUTs (ITTOs)

$11 /  for 40 Days

/- 40 Days
INPUTS – Tools & Techniques – OUTPUTS (ITTOs) have always been found challenging while preparing for the PMP Exams.
Over 70% of the exams questions are scenario based. Most of the time candidates are unable to quickly ascertain the “Relevant Process” under discussion. This is because they do not have a strong command over the ITTOs of PMBOK Guide.
This suite of Audios will change all that for you and that too in a short time.